🎯 How Morning Brew ‘owns’ an emoji

A simple tactic to stay top of mind

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How Morning Brew ‘owns’ an emoji

Chess Move

The what: A TLDR explanation of the strategy

Any way you can get your brand noticed online and occupy customer mindshare, you do it.

Morning Brew (business newsletter with 4 million readers) use a simple tactic to reinforce their brand whenever it pops up online.

They claimed ownership of the coffee emoji (☕️).

Social Media accounts associated with the company (company page, founder, even employees) all sport a ☕️ in their name.

They even include it in every subject line of their daily newsletter.

It reflects their logo (a coffee cup), their name (Morning ‘Brew’), and has become their internet-native mascot / signature.


The how: The strategic playbook boiled down to 3x key takeaways

1: Visual differentiation

Emojis stand out in text surfaces like Twitter and email inboxes.

When users see a post / email from Morning Brew account, the emoji is eye-catching and instantly recognisable.

For a trusted brand, seeing the emoji triggers an easy click for readers.

2: Employees as a force multiplier

With employees rocking the signature cup, Morning Brew multiplies it’s brand touchpoints across Twitter.

Morning Brew’s employees act as virtual brand ambassadors, even when they aren’t posting directly about the company.

For a digital native brand that thrives on organic social funnels, employees with an active online presence provide a leveraged marketing boost.

3: The power of default association

Once you’ve seen the Morning Brew mug ☕️ a few times, you start to notice it everywhere.

Even in situations unrelated to the company.

Colleague Slack-ing you about a coffee ☕️ run? You think of Morning Brew.

Replies to a Twitter thread about a coffee shop? Morning Brew creeps in.

Even if it’s only a fleeting thought, and only impacts a cohort of readers who have noticed the emoji, Morning Brew’s brand is netting free impressions all across the internet.

Rabbit Hole

The where: 3x high-signal resources to learn more

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